Friday, April 29, 2011

11th anniversary of our relationship

My 4 years old daughter ( Selden Sonam Lhasel) my 1 year old son( Kinga Samdrup Tashi)

It was one fine morning that a 15 years old boy comes across a simple, shy, innocent and of course a beautiful girl of same age, wearing soft machine made kira with pink wonju and green tego, in his life. It was an opportunity for everyone to interchange and have a new look at new faces every Saturday with colorful dresses. It was really a great time that students come together on every Saturday to have assembly together (primary and secondary students). They are in same campus but they are bound to be in different because of the separation primary and secondary.
Uhm…….. the story is very long and interesting that clearly comes to my mind. I have problem of putting it on. Okai….let me begin. The boy was just 15 years old and was studying in 7th grade when he come across a girl that mentioned in first line of the story. He was little bit lost in her. And he didn’t had chance to see her because of some of the reasons. She was in primary (6th grade) in which the system is different from secondary, the class schedule, activities area, dining place and many more were completely different. Moreover, she was day scholar. Love is something that comes and goes away for many people. One can’t say true love until one self’s nurture it. May be for that boy, it was not….. and love developed within himself.

Now, this is very interesting part of story. A year later after having seen that girl for the first time, the boy had constant watch on. He was in 8th grade which we call senior most in school at lower secondary level. It was lucky for boy that he can see her once a day because she was in 7th grade, which means she was also in secondary.

“Lama dang Gyenpo ji tsen Jampel Yang la cha tshelo” was Morning Prayer that every students mourns every morning closing their eyes and praying to the God of wisdom for his knowledge. But whereas this young boy eyes was wide open searching for his lover where she stands in a line. Sounds funny right!!! But that was true and heartbreaking story.

A month after starting the classes, the boy got home work to do. What kind of home work do you think??? He got to do proposal that have to submit to his lover.

Dear sweetheart,
I don't know why i love you so much, my heart always want you. Words are not enough to explain my love to you. and many more.......
Your X

His friends were very kind and helped every help that he asked. Proposal was handed to her with the help of his friends. No dam! No smile, No talk, No see, No hear, No ….No ..No…..nothing from her.

It was really a sad time that boy went through, “Do I really love her? Am I in position to take her love? Am I ready to accept whatever she does to me?” the series of question asked himself. Answer is Yes, Yeah! And can.

“Okai, Pema, go and see my lover, take this letter which speaks my true feelings. This is last help that I will seek in my life for this reason”. The boy said to his friend. Pema, helped in many ways and convinced her to be his friend lover. Noting in positive bro! Nothing seems to work! Then what else boy have to do to win her love?

This wasn't surprised, a week after sending proposal, the acceptance letter came in. Boy opened it fearing that it may contain No again. But it was very sweet, short and quick note written back stating “I love you too!”

Now, question comes in his mind that how much she love him. what she have written to him was really a true feeling of that young girl. ha ha....she was just turned 16 years old that time and they are of same age. This is not end of story, in have to take risk and assure, promise and commit to each other, respect and obey each other.

As i mentioned above, the story is very long. I try to make it short though it is not sweet. The true story is very sweet, sour, painful. The boy knew that in true love, love is not always smooth and doesn't flow as it want to be. It is very good to know that things turned to be good memory for them (couple).

This story is not long time back; it is not in other place other than Tshenkrala Lower Secondary School in Trashi Yangste. And also story is none other than my own memory of love that started in year 1999, when I and my lover attain age of fifteen.

Saturday, April 29, 2000 was our first day that we promised to be together, committed to each other. This is 11th anniversary our relationship. We have learned to live; we have learned to sacrifices. We have learned to love; we have learned to share, and many more. Life is not easy as we all think or it’s not difficult too. It’s all how one makes it. 29th April of every year is a day where we cherish our love. It is good memory that we have come across many difficulties things at very young age.

This post is dedicated to my hubby back at home. Though i am away from you, i still remember and pray for our success. " I love you my Hubby".

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm sorry darling, this week i'm upset plz.

There was no intention to say something bad after all i know that you are undergoing hardship in absence of me. As we all know that nothing would happen without a reason, but then to analyse the reasons of something being happened is difficult until we sit together to talk. There was nothing bad or intention to do all this things to you my darling. I'm very sorry for my mistakes that i fail to take this things. -Jam says.

This week, i feel little bit upset. I would like to say that some teachers are good to be friend but then not good to be my teacher. why he fail to listen to what students speaks. I know, he is good man, social, friendly and inspiring but fail to digest what students said in the class.
Teachers are teachers, students are students bound by words of teachers, have to agree and must follow their own idea. I wonder why don't they fail to accept ideas from students. The moment students say something that is against to teaching.....then the temper arises. ha could one become good teacher in life if they are not ready to accept the students idea and arguments.

No worries friends, take it as a lesson in our life. our life is series of learning. Keep on learning. "But then how good they are at the subjects matter?" This kind of question always disturbed me a lot.

I'm sorry if this writing to hurts some one.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

University Student Life!!! Always mess up.

I didn’t plan to write all these things in my blog. Weather is very cold here as it is raining outside; I am in my room, a cup of coffee on my table, wearing a thick jacket that never happen to be in Thailand at this time of the year. A cup of coffee couldn’t make me warm. It’s still cold and can’t go out. In Thai, “Wani a-ka now mak” Which means, today weather is very cold. But then these kinds of question always struck me,remind me and sharing all this things to my friends around. Life of university is not an easy as everybody think, I will try to write down in following three points.

Calculation of Money:- The calculation is very important components while being in university as a student. We will be calculating how much we spent on food and water at the end of the day, we will be calculating how much we spend on grocery and other stuff beside food and water at the end of every week, and we will be calculating the total expenditure in a month and bank balance after clearing all the bills. Now, is money running out before the month? How and where it was spent is the frequent question comes to every one’s mind of University student.

Calculation of Marks:-There is no human life without having to do calculation. I as a university student, these are the calculation that comes to our mind every now and then. We calculate, how many hours of class we have in a day? Number of module we have in a week, marks compilation from assignment and quizzes in a month, and finally GPA calculation at the end of every semester. Now, is it worth spending your time on books? Are we really satisfied with what we have scored?

Examination:- Examination is not a thing that you write what you know. It is not a thing that you memories all handout given by teachers. You dedicate and spent hours, days, weeks, months and year, you can’t get through!!! Aha! What wrong then? Then, examinations are all about playing a tricks and not something that Teacher test what you know? I would like to say that,no one would get fail at this age without teacher's intention to make students FAIL. We explored from east to west, west to east, memorize all that is given by teachers, visit uncle Google etc. nothing going to change.

Don’t take serious friends, sometimes, we go into the extent of thinking where teacher may feel jealous if we get good marks in his subjects. The questions are all up and down. Ha ha! May be I am wrong. When questions come in the form of multiple choices, it is most terrible. I imagined that my father would do better than me without having to know the answer. If he is lucky enough, he will bring total marks. But for us, more we read, more doubts and questions struck in our mind. Therefore, I would like to sum up in my own principles to myself that I study some subjects out of compulsion to get through, some subjects out of my interest. I don’t care what i get. Every one can't fit into one net. D- dog is good for me, i still have good chance to improve, A- Apple is also good that i can cherish my effort.

All readers, thanks for spending your time to read my article, I wrote this while I was doing my midterm exams from 28th to 1st April 2011.