Sunday, July 31, 2011

If you can’t hope to change some one, accept to change yourself

(Look at the things that makes you happy)

Once you are born as human being on this earth, you are born with a different looks or shapes (physically) and different way of thinking, dreams and preference (intellectual & emotionally). No one posses same in this field. Everyone has their own principles to grow and live in the society. As they grow, they learn to live in a peaceful and harmonies way in general but for some it is not up to!

Did you ever come across people who have absolutely different principles and thinking from you? In my life, I do. As life goes on living, we will come across a people who think and believe that they are the only one who lives in this society. Everything he does may not be truth and good but it force surrounding to accept with it. But how long the society can accept the truth that was not really a truth of living? How long friends and family can compromise to get along with after all it is not deserved to be? How long we can stop seeing and hearing these people without getting a blind and deaf? The “ego” plays a greater role in shaping our existence. Without the ego, all kinds of man are same kind. And if being yourself means you will end up your life in a cave spectacle all your life because you truly don’t fit in anywhere.

Therefore, the equity, justice and fairness on this earth are just a vision of every one. The one can’t hope to have power and authority to change someone that best fit with you. With the change in time, changes in everything are mandatory. Don’t compare yourself with some one that is different from you rather than just look upon oneself and respect yourself. If you respect others as much as you respect yourself, the things will get compromised, and in due course develop a feelings of likes.

To develop good friendship within a friend, last long relationship with loved one, get recognition and acknowledge from the society, one must possess same kind of character and thinking. If you have many similarities with the people you live with, you are likely to be loved and adored. Your friends will cherish you as his close and best friend. Your loved one will treasure you as something secretes for him/ her that never wanting to go out from their heart. The society will always retain information of you as a good living man. But what is likely to be if the person share similarities in bad characters? Suppose, if a short temper man come across with another same kind in society then it will be complete different story. Will other man challenge against a temper man as he too is tempered because they share similarities? That is not, not at all in my thinking and way I see the things in many society I live in. we should have a man kind, different and entirely opposite that I see in most of our Bhutanese family. One gets anger and shouts on top of their voice to their loved ones but other try not to challenge and everything get compromised within short span of time. When things get back to normal, it is taken as good instance as learned as part of lesson in life.

Therefore, you can’t hope to change everything that you like in your way. One must learn to adapt to respect other as your respect yourself as man in the society. Ego and short temper is big illusion in this spectacle life. Our ego goes up and up in the heaven, down and down to the hell, at the end of the story, who are you? Who are they? What you were before is same as what you are after. Learn to love and live your life peacefully by accepting it as truth, compromise, ignorance and sacrifices.

This world is best place to live in. I love living and never want to die.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Purpose of Blogging

I was reading couple of blogs from the Blogyul Blogging page this afternoon. And to my surprised, all bloggers writes about the hard time they had in their life. Some writes, the true happiness that they have achieved in their life after having completed their studies and so on. Therefore, is all blogger do blogging out of their frustration about the life, had immense joy and happiness in their life, content with everything that they have come across and so on? If that is true, then where does the normal person fall, in which they too had gone through good and bad times in their life?

In Blogyul Blogging Bhutan, there are more than 100 bloggers in the list at present. Every blogger have their own purpose of writing and they keep updating their blog with lots of interesting things in it. If we look at the insight of the blog, many people all around the globe spend some of their time to explore and read all kind of stuff. But how many bloggers keep on blogging to draw some ones attention to their words and sentences. And what is the purpose in front or behind in carrying all this kind of works.

My stuff in this blog is not mean to draw any one’s attention other than to collect it as my own diary or memory in my life. As it is said by our active and passionate blogger Leythro (Leo Parsica) “Life is a journey and in the journey of my life, time is the best teacher I have, yet in times, I lament over time for being too late to teach me the lessons, as vicissitudes confront me in the quest for my destiny”. So, what you have today may not be there tomorrow, how happy you are today may not be there tomorrow. The time is the key that helps us to open any kind of doors in our life. With the change in time, our feelings and thinking, beauty and aesthetics, perception and elaboration, and all get change within a flip of our eyes. Therefore, I started blogging in 2009 after being away from all my loved ones just only to document some of my thoughts that makes me to think different when I start to live in different environment. Its all about documenting thoughts that runs though my mind.

Today, I blog every strange things that happens in and around me that relates to my own life that I see in the vicinity of my own bound. Mr. Sogyel Tobgyel, founder of Blogyul Blogging Bhutan is the one who always inspire me to post something on my blog rather than keeping empty for a months and years. All readers, I will be back with new topic in next post “If you can’t hope to change some one, accept to change yourself and get along”.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Words are stronger than action.

Don’t misunderstand with a proverb or saying in English “Action speaks louder than voice”. Action is one means of communication for human existence. Even the animals have an action to communicate among themselves. Therefore, to communicate, it doesn’t necessarily need a voice or words for the means of communication. Suppose, I live in Thailand and whenever I go out of city, talk with farmers and people around in English, the speech doesn’t make any sense to them. It is very hard for us to understand each other. Therefore it becomes high context means of communication for that group of people. And many failure and ignorance happens in between. Therefore, many people would prefer using action to communicate than using a word or voice. But this is something that I want readers to know before you get in to the title of my writings as it is totally different from this context.

“Actions are no stronger than a word or words are really stronger than action”. Don’t you think so? How and why? As there is saying in Bhutanese “If you gain something or lose something, it is because your mouth”. You gain something in your life if you are polite in a society; you lose something in your life if you are rude in terms of speech. Speech comes first than the action. This is the time where you put less effort and use all your communications skills to make one’s living happily. An equal to this, brain is main machine that people use at this stage to make best out of best. Therefore, we shouldn’t take in to consideration that words are a just word doesn’t give any physical pain but it has strength to hurt the heart. When someone is hurt, he/she is forever hurt in their life. Suppose, if we talk at child’s level. If somebody says “you look dirty or ugly” the child is hurt and they too have equal sense where they can feel love and hatred words. We as parents, we shouldn’t take advantages and use any kind of works because the child will come to know by tone of their voice if something happens to be bad. Therefore, they too have heart to get hurt. Why we make weakness within our child in terms of emotional and spiritual wellness. This weakness will build in days of their growth and which definitely builds psychic feelings.

“I love you”, it looks cute, good and innocent right? I am cute, good to love, you as innocent for everyone that is how I interpret it. It sounds good and has good meaning in it, but people manipulate and make fun out of very beautiful word. Mother Teresa said, “People are not dying because of bread but they are dying because of Love”. Coming to the context of lover, Love is so powerful that can unite people together. Love can sacrifice what people haves and haves not. It has strength, power to grow and develop in terms of everything. But it can be destructive if you don’t use your heart to feel love. If you don’t love your lover, don’t tell him/her “I love you”. Therefore, your speech is a key to open the heart of your lover. If you use fake keys to open the heart of lover, then the content in your lover will not take long time to bounce back to you. In simple term, if you don’t love someone, don’t make use of your mouth to use this kind of words to destroy someone’s feeling that is reserved for someone else in days to come. Your speech or words are something that shows your weakness without any bargain from the society.

“I hate you”. Do you really hate from the heart of yours when you say this things to your loved one. If not, this is such words that kills the heart of other people where we can’t find any solution to recover or relieve the pain. The pain of love is cured by being in loved. Love your lover if you are committed with your feelings that you feel from your heart. There is no biggest crime than playing with the heart of someone. May be this post get too long now. In simple words, feel it from your heart before you speak it out in the form of speech or a word. Words have potential to make someone hurt and as well someone to fall in love.

Readers, thanks for reading!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Everything gets change within a flip of our eyes.

Nothing stays ideal or permanent in our lives. The best friend of today becomes great and greater enemy of tomorrow, the best food we had last night gives great sickness and suffering today. The best couple of the year becomes an enemy of the year followed. Nothing exists as it is.

How sweet and lovely it would be if the happiness persists continuously. We as human being, have always bias on the things that we do or our friends do. If the things that have some knowledge of it or closer to your heart, your concentration are diverted to that, we don’t care how bad it is in days to come. We always try to pull on our side by means of “my favorite, my friends, my best of the best and so on”. But will this kind of thinking stays forever? Will this kind of action prolonged? Will somebody need to believe in it for long time? Life has to go on and we got to make our own living. Even our dearer and nearer Dad and Mom separate us from their side when we are three or four years. Similar to that, things keep on changing and we have to always get ready and be prepared to accept the changes.

In our lives, every action or any action is caused because of the reasons. Without the reasons, there won’t be anything exists in this world. But these reasons differ with the situation and circumstances. The principle in general, never jump out of you tracks for some silly action, that silly action may be caused because of very big reasons. Without the reasons, there won’t be cause and effects. Everything gets change within a flip of our eyes. We need to change; we need to change for good things only. If we can’t change the things in society, we have an ability to change the things in family. Family is best place to start your love and harmony, make sacrifices to your loved ones, and compromise the things that have to go together and so on. But if still not in position to change in one’s family then it is high time for us to change “one self”.

Love is to love unconditionally by the simple definition I am making out from my mind. If loves conditioned by something that you expect some return, then things are all going to be opposite. Drastic changes is going to happen there, that's of not good reason. Live up to one’s life, this world is best place to live in if the one is able to cope up with the changes. I am writing this things in my blog not out of my compulsion or not to hurt anyone else. Nor this is not from any of the books I have read or come across in any sources; this is purely on my random thinking that I wanted to put it in my blog to share with my friends. Okai, “Go ahead with changes, but changes for good reasons”. Soon I will be writing about another thought “Words are stronger than action” This will be coming topic that I will write very soon.

Thanks for reading. Can you as reader smile a bit so that I can feel your smile too :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Random thoughts at this moment.

If you happen to make an excuses or apology to your mates for not being able to cope up or fail to do what you are supposed to do or what you have promised to be, then the polite words “sorry or apology” comes to your lips. You would definitely look polite and responsible person in the eyes of your mates if you can beg your pardon. But I feel that the apology should be from depth of one's heart. Never and ever speak out this words if it is not meant from your heart and never do it for the sake of doing.

Smile is always good and it doesn’t cost anything. But smile what we have within. If we try making a new and fake smile, then it is going to look like a crocodile smile and people will not buy that at any cost. When we smile, we have to smile like how we smile to things that we love and admire the most. We don’t have to have good complexion or dimples to draw some one’s attention. Just smile what we have within ourselves. It looks far more beautiful than just being dam fool person.

Life isn’t something that what we have with us. There is a series of unexpected and unknown things that will happen without any sign of warning or notification. Night dreams are sometimes more sweeter than the real day life. We come across a most beautiful thing that we have not seen in reality with our own eyes gives an immense pleasure and moment.

This are random thought that I would like to write it down but moment I type few words, I changed my mind and all my thoughts no longer exist in my brain. As of this, Life is not paused at one stop, it has to go on with a new things. Life is really a messed up but still who wishes not to live. I love my life and don't say don't live your life.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Facebook serves multiple purpose ( Why people use Facebook ?)

This piece of writing is a small research carried out in my research application class ( Feb - May 2011)

The Facebook was created in the year February, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his two other friends when he was enrolled in Harvard University (Valenzuela, et al., 2008). There were rapid users using Facebook for different purposes. In the year 2007, there reported to have more than 21 million registered members generating 1.6 billion pages each day (Nicole, et al., 2007). Every year, many user register and it have now hit 500 million active users (TNVV, 2011).

In many of an earlier research, it was found that Facebok helps people to keep in contact. People overwhelmingly used Facebook to maintain friendship from the high school. The Facebook helps to maintain ties among different kind of peoples, including professional, researchers, neighborhoods, community members etc. (Ellison, et al., 2007)

According to the research conducted in The University of North Carolina by Stutzman, F (2006). The study found that 71% of all respondents indicated participation in Social Network Communities. 90% of the respondents were undergraduate students who all were using the Social Network Communities. Three common Social Network Communities are The Facebook, Friendster, and MySpace. This site is used as Social Network to maintain and keep in contact with friends etc.
The Facebook is widely used everywhere in the world. There is no membership; one can login to the Facebook account using any of the email address. (yahoo, hotmail, gmail ).

Several studies have been carried out in United States in different universities. The study conducted in Lousiana State University found that students use the Facebook to fulfill students‟ needs and interpersonal communication with the friends. (Sheldon, 2008) The survey of 172 students conducted, the study found that woman use Facebook to maintain existing relationship, pass time and get entertained themselves by visiting and playing the features within the Facebook. On the other hand, man uses Facebook to develop new relationship or meet new people besides maintaining existing friendship.
In many of the studies found that using the Facebook has many benefit and people overwhelmingly registered to share information to people around and maintain or intensify relationship characterized by some form of offline connection such as campus closeness or a shared class. For many, Facebook provided a way to keep in touch with previous school mates‟ friends and establish links (Hewitt & Forte, 2006)

It is very interesting to know that the Facebook have become a popular personal site for college students. The Facebook user use full names and about 89% of names are valid. The study has found that reason why people join the Facebook is to share certain types of information. (Pashley & Govani, 2007). The Facebook has got features where we can write and post on wall of any individual. Share certain information and tagging the friends to view those information
when they login in to Facebook which prompt with the notification message with red colored number. In fact, Facebook allows user to post long information compared with Myspace and Friedster (Stutzman, 2005).

In the study conducted by Govani & Pashley, (2007) Student Awareness of the Privacy Implications When Using Facebook found that over five million accounts have been created and over 70% of those account are accessed every day. The reasons why users join the Facebook is (97%), friend‟s suggestion and request, (68%) that helps to keep in contact and (57%) looking for classmates. The figure 1, below explains clearly the reason for users joining the Facebook.

Figure 1. Reason for joining Facebook

There are also some privacy issues in using the Facebook when user gives his or her information on the sites. The most information provided in the sites include personal information like gender, date of birth, relation status, hometown, school, information regarding movies, music, clubs etc, therefore, studies have found that majority of users provide most of the information but they do restrict information such as contact numbers, mailbox and home address. These pieces of information are considered to be private and direct way of contacting a user.

Social networking sites are designed to increase social interaction in virtual environment. Such interaction can potentially address many concerns of teenagers and emerging adults for the need of friendship and peer feedback. (Tiffany et al., 2009)

Using the Facebook is easier and less time consuming than picking up the phone to call a friend. It is very easy means of communication within the friends and people in network. The Facebook also give an opportunity to learn something about friends. . (Tiffany et al., 2009) Therefore, the Facebook is medium of communication in this virtual world where people get entertained themselves by posting comments on pictures, videos, links, status and many more

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kuenden Tshering Dolkar, crazy Uncle waiting to see you.

Let me describe myself as crazy uncle for you. Your Dad and Mom welcomed you to this world. ‘Am your crazy uncle Jam knew that you gonna come to this world with big smiles on your face, but it’s sad on uncle's part that missed an opportunity to see you at this time. Impossibilities of possibilities, I will make some day to visit your watch you growing into beautiful lady of your Dad and Mom.

Your most passionate Dad welcome you to this world with lots love and sacrifices,  similar to that your mom is kind  and humble lady who deserves to have daughter like you. Today, I am seeing you as cute baby and I would definitely make a point to see this post by you when you turn to be a beautiful lady and niece of crazy uncle Jam.

You are only 3 weeks as of now and we can see there is great sign of maturity. We will enjoy the beauty of your growing. People already started coming for baby shower "wak tsa goth pay ga”. May all of their prayers come true and I join with them to make my prayer that may you turn to be a beautiful lady of the family and be the centre of attraction.