Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Words are stronger than action.

Don’t misunderstand with a proverb or saying in English “Action speaks louder than voice”. Action is one means of communication for human existence. Even the animals have an action to communicate among themselves. Therefore, to communicate, it doesn’t necessarily need a voice or words for the means of communication. Suppose, I live in Thailand and whenever I go out of city, talk with farmers and people around in English, the speech doesn’t make any sense to them. It is very hard for us to understand each other. Therefore it becomes high context means of communication for that group of people. And many failure and ignorance happens in between. Therefore, many people would prefer using action to communicate than using a word or voice. But this is something that I want readers to know before you get in to the title of my writings as it is totally different from this context.

“Actions are no stronger than a word or words are really stronger than action”. Don’t you think so? How and why? As there is saying in Bhutanese “If you gain something or lose something, it is because your mouth”. You gain something in your life if you are polite in a society; you lose something in your life if you are rude in terms of speech. Speech comes first than the action. This is the time where you put less effort and use all your communications skills to make one’s living happily. An equal to this, brain is main machine that people use at this stage to make best out of best. Therefore, we shouldn’t take in to consideration that words are a just word doesn’t give any physical pain but it has strength to hurt the heart. When someone is hurt, he/she is forever hurt in their life. Suppose, if we talk at child’s level. If somebody says “you look dirty or ugly” the child is hurt and they too have equal sense where they can feel love and hatred words. We as parents, we shouldn’t take advantages and use any kind of works because the child will come to know by tone of their voice if something happens to be bad. Therefore, they too have heart to get hurt. Why we make weakness within our child in terms of emotional and spiritual wellness. This weakness will build in days of their growth and which definitely builds psychic feelings.

“I love you”, it looks cute, good and innocent right? I am cute, good to love, you as innocent for everyone that is how I interpret it. It sounds good and has good meaning in it, but people manipulate and make fun out of very beautiful word. Mother Teresa said, “People are not dying because of bread but they are dying because of Love”. Coming to the context of lover, Love is so powerful that can unite people together. Love can sacrifice what people haves and haves not. It has strength, power to grow and develop in terms of everything. But it can be destructive if you don’t use your heart to feel love. If you don’t love your lover, don’t tell him/her “I love you”. Therefore, your speech is a key to open the heart of your lover. If you use fake keys to open the heart of lover, then the content in your lover will not take long time to bounce back to you. In simple term, if you don’t love someone, don’t make use of your mouth to use this kind of words to destroy someone’s feeling that is reserved for someone else in days to come. Your speech or words are something that shows your weakness without any bargain from the society.

“I hate you”. Do you really hate from the heart of yours when you say this things to your loved one. If not, this is such words that kills the heart of other people where we can’t find any solution to recover or relieve the pain. The pain of love is cured by being in loved. Love your lover if you are committed with your feelings that you feel from your heart. There is no biggest crime than playing with the heart of someone. May be this post get too long now. In simple words, feel it from your heart before you speak it out in the form of speech or a word. Words have potential to make someone hurt and as well someone to fall in love.

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Anu said...

hi Jamyang.....you are right. I think its the proper usage of both.Action and words are two different entities which should be used according to the situation demands.

jamyang said...

thanks for reading and your comment.