Saturday, November 12, 2011

11/11/11 celebration.

Have you ever felt that your life with your family is different from life with your friends? Did you ever come across a person who never say "No" to something that your colleagues offers you something ? I think I was born to say "No" to everything and especially when it comes to some one who offers chill beer.

The 11/11/11 celebration kicks off at 11:45 am right after my morning class. I got reason to be out of the college on the day and at the same time my friends got different reason to celebrate the day. They called the day as something that never happened in their life that all dates, months and year corresponds 11/11/11. But I as Bhutanese, I was having the notion to join with the people of Nation to celebrates 56th Birth Anniversary of our beloved Fourth Druk Gyelpo Jigme Singye Wanghuck.

“It was broad day light day time; usually drinking sessions happened in the evening or in the night but for Today, 11/11/11 celebration kicked off from morning until mid night. "I will look for some sponsor; we will drink, get drunk and die tonight”. Ryan, my Cambodian whispered with a husky voice and finally decided to go to small shop where we went in full uniform from college.

The day was hot but we didn't know how we spent our time with chill beer. Thanks guys!!! we are united Today and we will be always as what we were and what we are. We had great memories being together and Today is the great time with great friends together on great day, month and the year. (11/11/11).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our brother's Birthday! Given a chance, we would have postpone the exams.

20th September 2011 was a very special day for our friend Mr. Barbuca. Go through a couple of photos. I wanted to write a story about how it was celebrated but because of the exam week, i couldn't spare time on it. We guys! would prefer to postponed our exams and call on grand party but very sad that the time is not within our calender and watch.

Birthday boy with candy in his hand!

Birthday boy painted his forehead with cake.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

His Majesty the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck is not only in the heart of Bhutanese but also in the heart of Thai people.

All Thai citizens cannot travel to Bhutan to offer their good wishes and witness the grand wedding ceremony of our His Majesty the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk and Royal bride Azhi Jetsun Pema in October, but they have a very heartfelt message to Their Majesties and people of Bhutan.
The news of Royal Wedding shock the Thai people and clears the way for another wedding in a year of Royal Couples that has already seen Britain’s Prince William marry Kate Middleton in London in an event that captured the world’s attention. The news of Royal Wedding to be held in later this year repeatedly appeared in many of Thai television, news papers, magazine and that were distributed throughout the country.

His Majesty the King’s visit in mid-2006 to the Kingdom of Thailand to attend the celebration of 60th anniversary of His Majesty the King Bumibol’s accession to the throne left an ever lasting impression on Thai people. Many Thai people took day off from their work to welcome His Majesty the king during his return to Thailand to receive an honorary doctorate from Rangsit University in philosophy, politics and economics, and attend the Royal Ratchpruek expo in Chiang Mai. Bangkok Post (Thai National News) reported a woman fainting at the site in charismatic royal out of sheer happiness to see her prince charming in person.

His Majesty the King is remembered and often recalled by many Thai as prince charming during his visit to Thailand as a crown prince. To Thai people, he was known to have graceful manner, so humble, and always gave a perfect “Wai” (greeting prostration) to everyone he met from his heart to everywhere he toured within Thailand. Today he is known as from Prince Charming to King of hearts in the Thai society and while back at home, he is known as People’s King.

On the joyous occasion of Royal wedding, I on behalf of all my Thai colleagues and Thai people would like to pay a humble wishes to Your Majesty the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and Queen, Azhi Jetsun Pema ” May you’re joining together brings you more joy than we could imagine and may all Bhutanese people celebrate every day together the way Bhutanese people celebrate today”

Sunday, July 31, 2011

If you can’t hope to change some one, accept to change yourself

(Look at the things that makes you happy)

Once you are born as human being on this earth, you are born with a different looks or shapes (physically) and different way of thinking, dreams and preference (intellectual & emotionally). No one posses same in this field. Everyone has their own principles to grow and live in the society. As they grow, they learn to live in a peaceful and harmonies way in general but for some it is not up to!

Did you ever come across people who have absolutely different principles and thinking from you? In my life, I do. As life goes on living, we will come across a people who think and believe that they are the only one who lives in this society. Everything he does may not be truth and good but it force surrounding to accept with it. But how long the society can accept the truth that was not really a truth of living? How long friends and family can compromise to get along with after all it is not deserved to be? How long we can stop seeing and hearing these people without getting a blind and deaf? The “ego” plays a greater role in shaping our existence. Without the ego, all kinds of man are same kind. And if being yourself means you will end up your life in a cave spectacle all your life because you truly don’t fit in anywhere.

Therefore, the equity, justice and fairness on this earth are just a vision of every one. The one can’t hope to have power and authority to change someone that best fit with you. With the change in time, changes in everything are mandatory. Don’t compare yourself with some one that is different from you rather than just look upon oneself and respect yourself. If you respect others as much as you respect yourself, the things will get compromised, and in due course develop a feelings of likes.

To develop good friendship within a friend, last long relationship with loved one, get recognition and acknowledge from the society, one must possess same kind of character and thinking. If you have many similarities with the people you live with, you are likely to be loved and adored. Your friends will cherish you as his close and best friend. Your loved one will treasure you as something secretes for him/ her that never wanting to go out from their heart. The society will always retain information of you as a good living man. But what is likely to be if the person share similarities in bad characters? Suppose, if a short temper man come across with another same kind in society then it will be complete different story. Will other man challenge against a temper man as he too is tempered because they share similarities? That is not, not at all in my thinking and way I see the things in many society I live in. we should have a man kind, different and entirely opposite that I see in most of our Bhutanese family. One gets anger and shouts on top of their voice to their loved ones but other try not to challenge and everything get compromised within short span of time. When things get back to normal, it is taken as good instance as learned as part of lesson in life.

Therefore, you can’t hope to change everything that you like in your way. One must learn to adapt to respect other as your respect yourself as man in the society. Ego and short temper is big illusion in this spectacle life. Our ego goes up and up in the heaven, down and down to the hell, at the end of the story, who are you? Who are they? What you were before is same as what you are after. Learn to love and live your life peacefully by accepting it as truth, compromise, ignorance and sacrifices.

This world is best place to live in. I love living and never want to die.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Purpose of Blogging

I was reading couple of blogs from the Blogyul Blogging page this afternoon. And to my surprised, all bloggers writes about the hard time they had in their life. Some writes, the true happiness that they have achieved in their life after having completed their studies and so on. Therefore, is all blogger do blogging out of their frustration about the life, had immense joy and happiness in their life, content with everything that they have come across and so on? If that is true, then where does the normal person fall, in which they too had gone through good and bad times in their life?

In Blogyul Blogging Bhutan, there are more than 100 bloggers in the list at present. Every blogger have their own purpose of writing and they keep updating their blog with lots of interesting things in it. If we look at the insight of the blog, many people all around the globe spend some of their time to explore and read all kind of stuff. But how many bloggers keep on blogging to draw some ones attention to their words and sentences. And what is the purpose in front or behind in carrying all this kind of works.

My stuff in this blog is not mean to draw any one’s attention other than to collect it as my own diary or memory in my life. As it is said by our active and passionate blogger Leythro (Leo Parsica) “Life is a journey and in the journey of my life, time is the best teacher I have, yet in times, I lament over time for being too late to teach me the lessons, as vicissitudes confront me in the quest for my destiny”. So, what you have today may not be there tomorrow, how happy you are today may not be there tomorrow. The time is the key that helps us to open any kind of doors in our life. With the change in time, our feelings and thinking, beauty and aesthetics, perception and elaboration, and all get change within a flip of our eyes. Therefore, I started blogging in 2009 after being away from all my loved ones just only to document some of my thoughts that makes me to think different when I start to live in different environment. Its all about documenting thoughts that runs though my mind.

Today, I blog every strange things that happens in and around me that relates to my own life that I see in the vicinity of my own bound. Mr. Sogyel Tobgyel, founder of Blogyul Blogging Bhutan is the one who always inspire me to post something on my blog rather than keeping empty for a months and years. All readers, I will be back with new topic in next post “If you can’t hope to change some one, accept to change yourself and get along”.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Words are stronger than action.

Don’t misunderstand with a proverb or saying in English “Action speaks louder than voice”. Action is one means of communication for human existence. Even the animals have an action to communicate among themselves. Therefore, to communicate, it doesn’t necessarily need a voice or words for the means of communication. Suppose, I live in Thailand and whenever I go out of city, talk with farmers and people around in English, the speech doesn’t make any sense to them. It is very hard for us to understand each other. Therefore it becomes high context means of communication for that group of people. And many failure and ignorance happens in between. Therefore, many people would prefer using action to communicate than using a word or voice. But this is something that I want readers to know before you get in to the title of my writings as it is totally different from this context.

“Actions are no stronger than a word or words are really stronger than action”. Don’t you think so? How and why? As there is saying in Bhutanese “If you gain something or lose something, it is because your mouth”. You gain something in your life if you are polite in a society; you lose something in your life if you are rude in terms of speech. Speech comes first than the action. This is the time where you put less effort and use all your communications skills to make one’s living happily. An equal to this, brain is main machine that people use at this stage to make best out of best. Therefore, we shouldn’t take in to consideration that words are a just word doesn’t give any physical pain but it has strength to hurt the heart. When someone is hurt, he/she is forever hurt in their life. Suppose, if we talk at child’s level. If somebody says “you look dirty or ugly” the child is hurt and they too have equal sense where they can feel love and hatred words. We as parents, we shouldn’t take advantages and use any kind of works because the child will come to know by tone of their voice if something happens to be bad. Therefore, they too have heart to get hurt. Why we make weakness within our child in terms of emotional and spiritual wellness. This weakness will build in days of their growth and which definitely builds psychic feelings.

“I love you”, it looks cute, good and innocent right? I am cute, good to love, you as innocent for everyone that is how I interpret it. It sounds good and has good meaning in it, but people manipulate and make fun out of very beautiful word. Mother Teresa said, “People are not dying because of bread but they are dying because of Love”. Coming to the context of lover, Love is so powerful that can unite people together. Love can sacrifice what people haves and haves not. It has strength, power to grow and develop in terms of everything. But it can be destructive if you don’t use your heart to feel love. If you don’t love your lover, don’t tell him/her “I love you”. Therefore, your speech is a key to open the heart of your lover. If you use fake keys to open the heart of lover, then the content in your lover will not take long time to bounce back to you. In simple term, if you don’t love someone, don’t make use of your mouth to use this kind of words to destroy someone’s feeling that is reserved for someone else in days to come. Your speech or words are something that shows your weakness without any bargain from the society.

“I hate you”. Do you really hate from the heart of yours when you say this things to your loved one. If not, this is such words that kills the heart of other people where we can’t find any solution to recover or relieve the pain. The pain of love is cured by being in loved. Love your lover if you are committed with your feelings that you feel from your heart. There is no biggest crime than playing with the heart of someone. May be this post get too long now. In simple words, feel it from your heart before you speak it out in the form of speech or a word. Words have potential to make someone hurt and as well someone to fall in love.

Readers, thanks for reading!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Everything gets change within a flip of our eyes.

Nothing stays ideal or permanent in our lives. The best friend of today becomes great and greater enemy of tomorrow, the best food we had last night gives great sickness and suffering today. The best couple of the year becomes an enemy of the year followed. Nothing exists as it is.

How sweet and lovely it would be if the happiness persists continuously. We as human being, have always bias on the things that we do or our friends do. If the things that have some knowledge of it or closer to your heart, your concentration are diverted to that, we don’t care how bad it is in days to come. We always try to pull on our side by means of “my favorite, my friends, my best of the best and so on”. But will this kind of thinking stays forever? Will this kind of action prolonged? Will somebody need to believe in it for long time? Life has to go on and we got to make our own living. Even our dearer and nearer Dad and Mom separate us from their side when we are three or four years. Similar to that, things keep on changing and we have to always get ready and be prepared to accept the changes.

In our lives, every action or any action is caused because of the reasons. Without the reasons, there won’t be anything exists in this world. But these reasons differ with the situation and circumstances. The principle in general, never jump out of you tracks for some silly action, that silly action may be caused because of very big reasons. Without the reasons, there won’t be cause and effects. Everything gets change within a flip of our eyes. We need to change; we need to change for good things only. If we can’t change the things in society, we have an ability to change the things in family. Family is best place to start your love and harmony, make sacrifices to your loved ones, and compromise the things that have to go together and so on. But if still not in position to change in one’s family then it is high time for us to change “one self”.

Love is to love unconditionally by the simple definition I am making out from my mind. If loves conditioned by something that you expect some return, then things are all going to be opposite. Drastic changes is going to happen there, that's of not good reason. Live up to one’s life, this world is best place to live in if the one is able to cope up with the changes. I am writing this things in my blog not out of my compulsion or not to hurt anyone else. Nor this is not from any of the books I have read or come across in any sources; this is purely on my random thinking that I wanted to put it in my blog to share with my friends. Okai, “Go ahead with changes, but changes for good reasons”. Soon I will be writing about another thought “Words are stronger than action” This will be coming topic that I will write very soon.

Thanks for reading. Can you as reader smile a bit so that I can feel your smile too :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Random thoughts at this moment.

If you happen to make an excuses or apology to your mates for not being able to cope up or fail to do what you are supposed to do or what you have promised to be, then the polite words “sorry or apology” comes to your lips. You would definitely look polite and responsible person in the eyes of your mates if you can beg your pardon. But I feel that the apology should be from depth of one's heart. Never and ever speak out this words if it is not meant from your heart and never do it for the sake of doing.

Smile is always good and it doesn’t cost anything. But smile what we have within. If we try making a new and fake smile, then it is going to look like a crocodile smile and people will not buy that at any cost. When we smile, we have to smile like how we smile to things that we love and admire the most. We don’t have to have good complexion or dimples to draw some one’s attention. Just smile what we have within ourselves. It looks far more beautiful than just being dam fool person.

Life isn’t something that what we have with us. There is a series of unexpected and unknown things that will happen without any sign of warning or notification. Night dreams are sometimes more sweeter than the real day life. We come across a most beautiful thing that we have not seen in reality with our own eyes gives an immense pleasure and moment.

This are random thought that I would like to write it down but moment I type few words, I changed my mind and all my thoughts no longer exist in my brain. As of this, Life is not paused at one stop, it has to go on with a new things. Life is really a messed up but still who wishes not to live. I love my life and don't say don't live your life.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Facebook serves multiple purpose ( Why people use Facebook ?)

This piece of writing is a small research carried out in my research application class ( Feb - May 2011)

The Facebook was created in the year February, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his two other friends when he was enrolled in Harvard University (Valenzuela, et al., 2008). There were rapid users using Facebook for different purposes. In the year 2007, there reported to have more than 21 million registered members generating 1.6 billion pages each day (Nicole, et al., 2007). Every year, many user register and it have now hit 500 million active users (TNVV, 2011).

In many of an earlier research, it was found that Facebok helps people to keep in contact. People overwhelmingly used Facebook to maintain friendship from the high school. The Facebook helps to maintain ties among different kind of peoples, including professional, researchers, neighborhoods, community members etc. (Ellison, et al., 2007)

According to the research conducted in The University of North Carolina by Stutzman, F (2006). The study found that 71% of all respondents indicated participation in Social Network Communities. 90% of the respondents were undergraduate students who all were using the Social Network Communities. Three common Social Network Communities are The Facebook, Friendster, and MySpace. This site is used as Social Network to maintain and keep in contact with friends etc.
The Facebook is widely used everywhere in the world. There is no membership; one can login to the Facebook account using any of the email address. (yahoo, hotmail, gmail ).

Several studies have been carried out in United States in different universities. The study conducted in Lousiana State University found that students use the Facebook to fulfill students‟ needs and interpersonal communication with the friends. (Sheldon, 2008) The survey of 172 students conducted, the study found that woman use Facebook to maintain existing relationship, pass time and get entertained themselves by visiting and playing the features within the Facebook. On the other hand, man uses Facebook to develop new relationship or meet new people besides maintaining existing friendship.
In many of the studies found that using the Facebook has many benefit and people overwhelmingly registered to share information to people around and maintain or intensify relationship characterized by some form of offline connection such as campus closeness or a shared class. For many, Facebook provided a way to keep in touch with previous school mates‟ friends and establish links (Hewitt & Forte, 2006)

It is very interesting to know that the Facebook have become a popular personal site for college students. The Facebook user use full names and about 89% of names are valid. The study has found that reason why people join the Facebook is to share certain types of information. (Pashley & Govani, 2007). The Facebook has got features where we can write and post on wall of any individual. Share certain information and tagging the friends to view those information
when they login in to Facebook which prompt with the notification message with red colored number. In fact, Facebook allows user to post long information compared with Myspace and Friedster (Stutzman, 2005).

In the study conducted by Govani & Pashley, (2007) Student Awareness of the Privacy Implications When Using Facebook found that over five million accounts have been created and over 70% of those account are accessed every day. The reasons why users join the Facebook is (97%), friend‟s suggestion and request, (68%) that helps to keep in contact and (57%) looking for classmates. The figure 1, below explains clearly the reason for users joining the Facebook.

Figure 1. Reason for joining Facebook

There are also some privacy issues in using the Facebook when user gives his or her information on the sites. The most information provided in the sites include personal information like gender, date of birth, relation status, hometown, school, information regarding movies, music, clubs etc, therefore, studies have found that majority of users provide most of the information but they do restrict information such as contact numbers, mailbox and home address. These pieces of information are considered to be private and direct way of contacting a user.

Social networking sites are designed to increase social interaction in virtual environment. Such interaction can potentially address many concerns of teenagers and emerging adults for the need of friendship and peer feedback. (Tiffany et al., 2009)

Using the Facebook is easier and less time consuming than picking up the phone to call a friend. It is very easy means of communication within the friends and people in network. The Facebook also give an opportunity to learn something about friends. . (Tiffany et al., 2009) Therefore, the Facebook is medium of communication in this virtual world where people get entertained themselves by posting comments on pictures, videos, links, status and many more

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kuenden Tshering Dolkar, crazy Uncle waiting to see you.

Let me describe myself as crazy uncle for you. Your Dad and Mom welcomed you to this world. ‘Am your crazy uncle Jam knew that you gonna come to this world with big smiles on your face, but it’s sad on uncle's part that missed an opportunity to see you at this time. Impossibilities of possibilities, I will make some day to visit your watch you growing into beautiful lady of your Dad and Mom.

Your most passionate Dad welcome you to this world with lots love and sacrifices,  similar to that your mom is kind  and humble lady who deserves to have daughter like you. Today, I am seeing you as cute baby and I would definitely make a point to see this post by you when you turn to be a beautiful lady and niece of crazy uncle Jam.

You are only 3 weeks as of now and we can see there is great sign of maturity. We will enjoy the beauty of your growing. People already started coming for baby shower "wak tsa goth pay ga”. May all of their prayers come true and I join with them to make my prayer that may you turn to be a beautiful lady of the family and be the centre of attraction.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The immense joy I see in the voice of Father

I was attaining an Entrepreneur Marketing Class when the message pops up in my facebook inbox. It was Ms. Tshering Yangzom, my friend in Polytechnic, Dewathang. The message reads ….. ………. ”hi, Sangay gi zamin sing ma”, Sangay have given a birth to baby girl. And Tshering appeared offline.

I try to connect to (Mr. Yoo – father of new born baby girl) cell phone though the network in not clear enough from Thaialnd. I was asking him how he is doing these days and where is he at this moment? He answered me, “Everything is fine and I am in front of hospital”. I was about to ask him what he was doing in front of hospital? But he seems nervous and somewhat lost. So, to his surprised, I congratulate him and his wife for having new born baby girl in their family. I can read out from his voice that he was very happy. May be he don’t remember what I asked through cell phone and me too, can’t really remember how happy he was at that moment.

Bunu, baby sitter of Mr. Yoo, told me once while we were having voice chat that she hopes to have baby girl from Aunt. She was tired of running after “Kaks” son of Mr. Yoo. Is not only her now, The parents were first person wishing and expecting to have baby girl as they already have handsome, solid and big super man called “Kaks”. We as a friend had enough hope to have baby girl. Those wishes were granted by god now at the right time. Never forget to say “Thanks God” for accepting our prayers and granting our wishes.

The prayers are always there for you and your family. We welcome our baby girl in our family. The year is blessed with lots of opportunity and good things. Your Daddy will very soon leave for his long term study. I would never miss out to say “Thanks all mom’s for having being taken lots of pain to make this world harmonies”. We all remember your pain….and we will be remembering. I already started of giving her a very beautiful name now. God bless all of you!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Surprised call

On 21st May 2011, my phone was ringing in an unusual time, but I did not pay heed to answer the phone as I was lost in my dream. On the night before, I slept very late because I was confined in my room the whole day for giving a final preparation for my exams and to accomplish my project work. The phone rang for several times and finally, I decided to answer the call. Before I could utter the word to say “Tham aria ya Krap” in Thai, what is the problem? She shouted on top of her voice and said in full excitement that YOU KNOW….YOU KNOW…KNOW ….that “Your king Jigme” is soon going to marry and I cannot see him in Thailand any more before he celebrates his wedding”. She was my Thai friend who wanted to share this heart breaking news thinking that I may not have heard this news. I tried to share my feelings of how happily I have had received this news just a day before. I talked with her for some time over the phone. After that I dressed up in best attire and left my room to attend my last exam paper.

20th May 2011 (Friday) is not only a day for opening session of 7th assembly session of Bhutan but also the day where His Majesty the King fulfilled wishes of his people by declaring our future queen Ashi Jetsun Pema. I received this news with full of joy and happiness. I was wordless!!! Like me, all Thai people who captured the heart breaking news of the Royal wedding through Thai National Televisions shared their joy and happiness among themselves. The news was repeatedly published in the Thai news paper.
Bangkok post 1, Thai news paper

Bangkok Post 2, Thai News Paper

Bangkokpost 3, Thai News Papaer

His Majesty the King’s visit to Thailand in 2006 left a very lasting impression in Thai society. And today, our His Majesty is known as King Jigme in Thai society and he is considered PRINCE CHARMING by all the Thai people. All Thai women of varying age group are crazy to our Majesty the king because of “Ro Mak Mak” in Thai, one admirer said which literally means very very handsome and humbleness.

''He has a very graceful manner, so humble, and he always gave a “wai” everywhere he went,'' one admirer said. ''Because of the prince, I believe that from now on the relationship between the Thai and Bhutanese people will be tightened.'' This was how it appeared in the heart of Thai people as printed in Thai news paper.

This post is yet to complete….and will continue writing after some days…….

Thursday, May 19, 2011

In my life, GOD answered all my questions except one.

It is almost 4:30 am, Thursday morning. I was reading for a while but I didn’t realize that time went so fast. I have two papers to write. Character design in the morning and Multiculturalism in the afternoon, no worries...I hope I can do it.

This is the random thoughts that appear in my mind most of the time. I know I have reasons to live and work as I do have family who expect something from me. That is why; I am still away from home to make some difference in my life while living in this society.

Okai, let me come back to my topic that I have mentioned above. I will definitely say that the God had answered all most all my questions that I have asked so far in my life. May be the god answered me late or very late but still content with right answer that makes me to lead my life further. I am known to be only son born in my family. We were of seven siblings but didn’t survive. At present, I have one elder sister and one younger sister. My elder sister already has family have her own. My younger sister is nun.

When I was young, I remember that my mom always wants me to become “Lopen” teacher and she encourages me to study hard and want me to have good life, so that I can support my family. I remember that she love me the most as I was only son of her. I still remember that how unfair she was to my younger sister when she would dearly welcome me to sleep with her leaving behind my lovely sister. I was grown up in poor family but then my parents never let me down. They served me best meal they ever had. They sent me to school leaving my elder sister at village.

When I was young only, I asked many question to myself but I couldn’t get the exact answer. I have to ask God, every question that comes in my mind and every help that I needed in my life. I was always wanted to complete at least higher secondary school in my life and start looking for job. The God had answered all my prayers and questions. God never let me down.

I will note three questions that I have genuinely asked god to answer me and do favor. I asked GOD to answer and explain me why….? (I will try to talk at the last page). Second, I asked god to at least help me to complete my studies and get a good job. Third, I was emotionally lost at very young age in love. So I have always asked god to give me a chance to marry with whom I love the most at very young age. There are many more questions that I have put up to the GOD. God never fail to answer all my questions but one.

Now, I have completed my schools in Bhutan and I do have a job where I can make my living, I am happily married to my young lover and we have a son and daughter who make meaning in my life. But I do still miss some one that is must in my life. God have never answered me in any forms. Today, I read “The Tibetan book of living and dying” by Sogyel Rinpoche for the third time. I got some answer from there but then I am not really convinced with it. I know that I will not get answer until and unless I have to accept on what I think, accept on what other master said in books, accept the universal truth, etc.

My ambition, never want to become a teacher, but I am because of some one’s prayers (mentioned in fourth paragraph). Never plan to study abroad but I am because of someone who prays for my success. Now..... “How proud she would be at this time of the year when her son attains the age of 27? How proud she would be when her son pursues study abroad? How proud she would be when she have grandchild to see in her life? How proud she would be when her son achieved the ambition that loved by his mom? I feel very sorry to myself not being able to protect you. I still ask myself whenever I go to temple and visit monks that who could answer my question that I have in my mind for decades. “Born to death, meet to part” is nature of life but why GOD didn’t protect you from living this world at very young age. Sometimes, I think that i was too young to ask this question and when i ask this question...i was late. Today, i have fulfilled what you want me to become. but God have't answer to my question. I am sorry to say that my dear mom.

This post is remembrance to my late mother who passed away in the year 1994 when I was attaining the age of ten. She passed away at the age of 38 in Vellore Hospital, India. After 17 years of missing my mom, I still want to know why she left us at very young age. Today, my dad attains 61 years old. All my achievement, success were prayers of my late mother and father at Village. I would have been better person if my mom still alive and how proud she would be ??? We all join together to rest your soul in peace. " I miss you my dear mom".

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Donate Blood, Save a Life

This post was once posted on 12th May 2011. But with got deleted.

(Souvenir from hospital to me)

I didn’t plan to write today until and unless I knew that it’s “Zhabdrung Kuchoe” in Bhutan. I log in to the Facebook to see if there is some new post of our Blogyul Blogging of Bhutan. Though I can’t write and contribute from my side, I never miss to read that were posted by our bloggers.

The messages pop up in my chat box from my friend’s wife Mrs. Phub Zam , Thimphu. We exchanged few messages, and came to know that it’s holiday in Bhutan. The moment she said it is very auspicious day in Bhutan, I realized that I did something good today in my life. I didn’t plan, didn’t intent to write in my blog….but I find myself, thinking of writing something.

This is my first time donating blood in Thailand and 5th time in total, in my life. I love donating blood to hospital and people who all need. I remember that I started donating blood when I was in 9th grade in Trashi Yangtse MSS. I knew how much it value in life of others if we can do this. “Give Blood, Save Life”. That is not difficult; everyone has potential to do it. Therefore, I decided to donate blood, I went with my Thai friend to fill up the form and after completing the formalities, the staff who work there asked me, where I’m from? “Bhutan”….Ow! King Jigme right??. I was happy that they know my ideal, my father and my source of inspiration.

I sat on the big bus where there is lots of staff working on it. I pray for a while before they inject me, “This blood is donated to help someone who is desperately in need, and let him/ her recover from sickness and benefit out of it”. But after knowing, today is “Zhabdrunkg Kuchoe” I felt very happy, extremely happy that I have done something good in my life. I did all this out of my knowledge but happen to be good. “God never let me down!!!”.

Take it easy, you can do it.

Save Water, Drink Beer: with our Teacher,Ajarn.Prymania)

This week is last week of my class for this semester and 5 days to seat for the exams. I find myself sitting on my chair doing nothing other than chatting with my old school mates. “You can do it, Take it easy” is favorite sentence for our Multimedia class. Sometimes, we reverse the sentence and use it. This piece of sentence was said by many of the Lecturer and Professors in the beginning of our first semester.

There are many reasons and meaning we make out of it. If you look in to the dictionary, it is simple that even primary students can understand what it means. For multimedia class, we just land up saying this piece sentence to each other when we can’t do our works on time, when ever we face problems. Cao Kun, our Chinese friend always gave me courage when I was studying Physics in the first semester. "Jam, worry not, you can do it, take it easy". I worried a lot that I might get “F” for “Fun! See you next term again”. I was not expecting more than “D” for “barking Dog never bite” in physics. But I could get more than “D dog” that I don’t have to study again."I took it easy, i could do it".

“Take it easy, you can do it” is used when we are proud of our works. If we get “A for Apple in many of the subjects, we just land up drunk in the bar, Bro, we can always do it”. We got to drink, drink and drink…. some of my mates get drunk and can’t ride motor bike and lave our motor bike behind, again “take it easy” we can come tomorrow to pick up. Three people on one motor bike can’t get enough balance because everyone is drunk. My friend at the back…”Jam, you can do it”. Drives back to the apartment.

Our only class mate girl called Mew, (she is Thai) always sees our friend Rinchen talking with girls in the bar in her eyes when she gets drunk. Rinchen is man who can’t face woman without 5 or 6 bottles of beer. She is clever and she keeps her eye on him. “You can do it…Rinchen” and nothing series, “Take it easy” gives courage to Rinchen by our only girl class mates.

“Ajarn, (Teacher in Thai Language), this rose is for you”. Cao Kun presents to our teacher when we drink together. She laughs on top of her voice, “Thank you, how kind you are “. The moment we laugh more and more talk something about personal, and then we are considered to be drunk. Take it easy guys! I ‘m not drunk…but we should know that we have our own share. We try to make our teacher drunk by using the same sentence “You can do it”, and at the same time, when someone try to vomit….”Take it easy, you can do it" in the toilet not in bar!!. When we travel back from bar, if someone try to vomit, then our teacher shout "Guys! you can dot it" but not in my car. "Take it easy. Ajarn". stop when we vomit " we can do it outside". This is something that build up in everyone's mind as good memory.

Get out of bar now; again, let us talk about class works. Taipan, Filipino friend who is lazy always. Whenever he makes his presentation, he asked us to look at this or that page numbers and finally we land up reading together without a power point slides. Sometimes, he just land up without a word to speak to the class, we give courage…”Take it easy, you can do it”.

Exam is very near to me, still “Take it easy, I can do it” No worries at all. When we see our result, if we get good marks then we can always prove that “I took it easy, I could do it”. If not, my friends will still give courages “You can do it, Take it easy”. Aha! My friend is here again……he disturbed me by reading my writing without completing, he want me to go with him to drink. I will stop here now. Tonight, we are going to get drunk, never worry. “Take it easy, we can still do it”

Life is how one makes it out of how it comes….”Take it easy, we can do it”.


Friday, April 29, 2011

11th anniversary of our relationship

My 4 years old daughter ( Selden Sonam Lhasel) my 1 year old son( Kinga Samdrup Tashi)

It was one fine morning that a 15 years old boy comes across a simple, shy, innocent and of course a beautiful girl of same age, wearing soft machine made kira with pink wonju and green tego, in his life. It was an opportunity for everyone to interchange and have a new look at new faces every Saturday with colorful dresses. It was really a great time that students come together on every Saturday to have assembly together (primary and secondary students). They are in same campus but they are bound to be in different because of the separation primary and secondary.
Uhm…….. the story is very long and interesting that clearly comes to my mind. I have problem of putting it on. Okai….let me begin. The boy was just 15 years old and was studying in 7th grade when he come across a girl that mentioned in first line of the story. He was little bit lost in her. And he didn’t had chance to see her because of some of the reasons. She was in primary (6th grade) in which the system is different from secondary, the class schedule, activities area, dining place and many more were completely different. Moreover, she was day scholar. Love is something that comes and goes away for many people. One can’t say true love until one self’s nurture it. May be for that boy, it was not….. and love developed within himself.

Now, this is very interesting part of story. A year later after having seen that girl for the first time, the boy had constant watch on. He was in 8th grade which we call senior most in school at lower secondary level. It was lucky for boy that he can see her once a day because she was in 7th grade, which means she was also in secondary.

“Lama dang Gyenpo ji tsen Jampel Yang la cha tshelo” was Morning Prayer that every students mourns every morning closing their eyes and praying to the God of wisdom for his knowledge. But whereas this young boy eyes was wide open searching for his lover where she stands in a line. Sounds funny right!!! But that was true and heartbreaking story.

A month after starting the classes, the boy got home work to do. What kind of home work do you think??? He got to do proposal that have to submit to his lover.

Dear sweetheart,
I don't know why i love you so much, my heart always want you. Words are not enough to explain my love to you. and many more.......
Your X

His friends were very kind and helped every help that he asked. Proposal was handed to her with the help of his friends. No dam! No smile, No talk, No see, No hear, No ….No ..No…..nothing from her.

It was really a sad time that boy went through, “Do I really love her? Am I in position to take her love? Am I ready to accept whatever she does to me?” the series of question asked himself. Answer is Yes, Yeah! And can.

“Okai, Pema, go and see my lover, take this letter which speaks my true feelings. This is last help that I will seek in my life for this reason”. The boy said to his friend. Pema, helped in many ways and convinced her to be his friend lover. Noting in positive bro! Nothing seems to work! Then what else boy have to do to win her love?

This wasn't surprised, a week after sending proposal, the acceptance letter came in. Boy opened it fearing that it may contain No again. But it was very sweet, short and quick note written back stating “I love you too!”

Now, question comes in his mind that how much she love him. what she have written to him was really a true feeling of that young girl. ha ha....she was just turned 16 years old that time and they are of same age. This is not end of story, in have to take risk and assure, promise and commit to each other, respect and obey each other.

As i mentioned above, the story is very long. I try to make it short though it is not sweet. The true story is very sweet, sour, painful. The boy knew that in true love, love is not always smooth and doesn't flow as it want to be. It is very good to know that things turned to be good memory for them (couple).

This story is not long time back; it is not in other place other than Tshenkrala Lower Secondary School in Trashi Yangste. And also story is none other than my own memory of love that started in year 1999, when I and my lover attain age of fifteen.

Saturday, April 29, 2000 was our first day that we promised to be together, committed to each other. This is 11th anniversary our relationship. We have learned to live; we have learned to sacrifices. We have learned to love; we have learned to share, and many more. Life is not easy as we all think or it’s not difficult too. It’s all how one makes it. 29th April of every year is a day where we cherish our love. It is good memory that we have come across many difficulties things at very young age.

This post is dedicated to my hubby back at home. Though i am away from you, i still remember and pray for our success. " I love you my Hubby".

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm sorry darling, this week i'm upset plz.

There was no intention to say something bad after all i know that you are undergoing hardship in absence of me. As we all know that nothing would happen without a reason, but then to analyse the reasons of something being happened is difficult until we sit together to talk. There was nothing bad or intention to do all this things to you my darling. I'm very sorry for my mistakes that i fail to take this things. -Jam says.

This week, i feel little bit upset. I would like to say that some teachers are good to be friend but then not good to be my teacher. why he fail to listen to what students speaks. I know, he is good man, social, friendly and inspiring but fail to digest what students said in the class.
Teachers are teachers, students are students bound by words of teachers, have to agree and must follow their own idea. I wonder why don't they fail to accept ideas from students. The moment students say something that is against to teaching.....then the temper arises. ha could one become good teacher in life if they are not ready to accept the students idea and arguments.

No worries friends, take it as a lesson in our life. our life is series of learning. Keep on learning. "But then how good they are at the subjects matter?" This kind of question always disturbed me a lot.

I'm sorry if this writing to hurts some one.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

University Student Life!!! Always mess up.

I didn’t plan to write all these things in my blog. Weather is very cold here as it is raining outside; I am in my room, a cup of coffee on my table, wearing a thick jacket that never happen to be in Thailand at this time of the year. A cup of coffee couldn’t make me warm. It’s still cold and can’t go out. In Thai, “Wani a-ka now mak” Which means, today weather is very cold. But then these kinds of question always struck me,remind me and sharing all this things to my friends around. Life of university is not an easy as everybody think, I will try to write down in following three points.

Calculation of Money:- The calculation is very important components while being in university as a student. We will be calculating how much we spent on food and water at the end of the day, we will be calculating how much we spend on grocery and other stuff beside food and water at the end of every week, and we will be calculating the total expenditure in a month and bank balance after clearing all the bills. Now, is money running out before the month? How and where it was spent is the frequent question comes to every one’s mind of University student.

Calculation of Marks:-There is no human life without having to do calculation. I as a university student, these are the calculation that comes to our mind every now and then. We calculate, how many hours of class we have in a day? Number of module we have in a week, marks compilation from assignment and quizzes in a month, and finally GPA calculation at the end of every semester. Now, is it worth spending your time on books? Are we really satisfied with what we have scored?

Examination:- Examination is not a thing that you write what you know. It is not a thing that you memories all handout given by teachers. You dedicate and spent hours, days, weeks, months and year, you can’t get through!!! Aha! What wrong then? Then, examinations are all about playing a tricks and not something that Teacher test what you know? I would like to say that,no one would get fail at this age without teacher's intention to make students FAIL. We explored from east to west, west to east, memorize all that is given by teachers, visit uncle Google etc. nothing going to change.

Don’t take serious friends, sometimes, we go into the extent of thinking where teacher may feel jealous if we get good marks in his subjects. The questions are all up and down. Ha ha! May be I am wrong. When questions come in the form of multiple choices, it is most terrible. I imagined that my father would do better than me without having to know the answer. If he is lucky enough, he will bring total marks. But for us, more we read, more doubts and questions struck in our mind. Therefore, I would like to sum up in my own principles to myself that I study some subjects out of compulsion to get through, some subjects out of my interest. I don’t care what i get. Every one can't fit into one net. D- dog is good for me, i still have good chance to improve, A- Apple is also good that i can cherish my effort.

All readers, thanks for spending your time to read my article, I wrote this while I was doing my midterm exams from 28th to 1st April 2011.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Questioning the purpose of the law

March 06, 2011: (Thimphu)

The Opposition Leader (OL), Lyonpo Tshering Tobgay has personally arranged a lawyer for the 23-year-old former monk, who has been sentenced to three years imprisonment by the Thimphu district court for breaching the revised Tobacco Control Act.Cheda, an advocate with UC Associate will represent Sonam Tshering (the monk) in the high court.
“He looks like a broken man.... keeping his head down like he has no mind. He’s taken it very badly. I asked him if he wanted to appeal and he agreed,” said the OL Tshering Tobgay.

The district court verdict shocked most observers who were expecting leniency from the judiciary because considering the quantity of tobacco confiscated from Sonam Tshering, it seemed he would be booked for self consumption but surprisingly the court charged him for smuggling.

Talking to the media during a press conference on Friday, Lyonpo Tshering Tobgay, who has been aggressively lobbying for the amendment of the Act, expressed his dejection over the verdict and openly called for the people, including the media fraternity, to support Sonam Tshering’s case.

“I found it very difficult to comprehend how a fellow citizen can be sent to three years in jail for possessing tobacco worth just Nu 98. How can we do that?” he asked.

Speaking along a similar line the opposition MP, Damcho Dorji, recommended awareness campaigns over harsh punishment to discourage the use of tobacco, which he say is more effective and rational. He strongly feels that the sentence meted out to Sonam Tshering is not proportionate to the crime he has committed.

“What do we do? Do we do nothing? Ultimately we have to do something. The parliament will have to do something, the people of Bhutan will have to do something,” he said.

In order to support his argument, he cited the example of the research that was carried out in the United Kingdom and US. The research predicts that in next 30 years, with successful awareness campaigns, people in these areas will quit smoking.

Regarding the issue of linking smuggling with self consumption, Damcho Dorji, said if an accused reveals the source he should be charged for possession and in Sonam Tshering’s case the source happened to be from across the border but then the law does not specify that the source should be from within the country and under the legal principles the accused gets the benefit of doubt.

“If Sonam Tshering is forced to reveal the source then he is being used as a witness against himself, he is an informer against himself. There could be problem under the doctrine of self incrimination, which means the prosecutor cannot obtain information from him unless he confesses voluntarily,” he said, adding the high court might bring down the charge to misdemeanor and convict him for possession and not smuggling.

While the smokers blame the government for framing such draconian law, the OL said that even the government empathizes with Sonam Tshering.

He said that the government and the opposition thought along the same line because the father of Sonam Tshering first went to the Prime Minister from where he was directed to the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa’s office and there the party workers helped him with his letters.

“So they felt exactly the way we did. It is not political; I am not saying the government is wrong. All we are doing is questioning the purpose of the law and how we are going to implement it. There will be many more such cases to come,” he said.

In addition, he also clarified the accusation of the Prime Minister and the Health Minister that he is fervently supporting Sonam Tshering because they share the same constituency, as baseless.

“He can not even vote,” he explained, “ Since it is the first case, it strikes our heart and conscience and I have to do something.”

Asked whether he would be supporting and providing lawyers to every person convicted for violating Tobacco Control Act, he said, he will not entertain those genuinely involved in smuggling and spreading the use of tobacco.

‘They deserve to go to jail,” he added.

But, he continued, if the quantity is small then his moral duty will not allow him to stay without doing anything and he would do everything within his capacity to check the injustice from happening.

During the last ‘meet the press,’ the cabinet also attacked the OL for calling ‘citizens’ movement’ to oppose the Tobacco Control Act, which they argued would disrupt the harmony in the country. Countering the government’s stand, the OL clearly stated that demonstration and defiance against the government is the last thing he wants and he is not in favor of it.

“There are many people who came to us and said that they want to meet at the clock tower square, they all want to have a smoking session together, they want to defy the Act,” he said, adding that he warned them not to carry out any such activity that would make the mockery of democracy.

He added that the elegant solution would be to write to their respective members of parliament (MP) and urge them to reconsider and amend the Act and if there are enough people then the MPs should listen because that’s how democracy functions.

However, neither the government not the opposition can move the motion for the amendment of Tobacco Control Act during this summer session of the parliament because as per the legislative norm, an Act can not be revised before one year.

(this articles in taken out from

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2010.

New Year 2011

The Happy New Year 2011 makes me feel something different from what I was and what I am as of present.
On the 31st December 2010, the New Year eve, I went with my friends to get together with the public and hang around to celebrate the New Year 2011. There were more than 2500 peoples in Central Plaza who were waiting to welcome the New Year 2011 and see of the year 2010. I walked around; the place was very beautiful decorated with different kind lights. Everywhere full of music and concert, People walk in and walk out. Couple hugging, kissing and taking a snap, I took some snap with my friends but really didn’t care what was really.

I enjoyed looking at the show performed by the singer in Thailand. At that moment, I can see the fire going out in the sky from nearby places. When I look at my watch, it was 59 seconds to go 12:00 am. All sponsors on the stage welcome New Year by wishing a happy and prosperous new year to everyone who was present there. The people start counting…57, 56, 55, 54 …….3, 2, 1, 0 :- “HAPPY NEW YEAR “, the mass crowed shout on top of their voice. The firing was started; the sky was very beautiful with the firing lights. Everyone start shouting, I can couples kissing each other, hugging, crying too. Some people cry because they miss their near and dear ones. Some cry because of happiness, some cry because they don’t know what was really happening that time. Then I got blush and became very red. I only realized after seeing this entire thing and make me believed that ‘O this is really New Year now ’, I couldn’t do anything that time. I try to recollect how it was during the entire year 2010. I just know that I had great year. I could perform well in studies, develop relations with lots of people, travel the place I like the most, had achieved all my dreams that I had. And it was really good year for me and I prayed for a while to be blessed this year like same as Year 2010.

Therefore, it is not late to wish every one a Happy new year. May this year bring peace, harmony, security, strength, power, will, determination and all the good things in our life. Happy new year to my all my family, friends, relatives and all the people in this worlds.