Friday, May 13, 2011

Donate Blood, Save a Life

This post was once posted on 12th May 2011. But with got deleted.

(Souvenir from hospital to me)

I didn’t plan to write today until and unless I knew that it’s “Zhabdrung Kuchoe” in Bhutan. I log in to the Facebook to see if there is some new post of our Blogyul Blogging of Bhutan. Though I can’t write and contribute from my side, I never miss to read that were posted by our bloggers.

The messages pop up in my chat box from my friend’s wife Mrs. Phub Zam , Thimphu. We exchanged few messages, and came to know that it’s holiday in Bhutan. The moment she said it is very auspicious day in Bhutan, I realized that I did something good today in my life. I didn’t plan, didn’t intent to write in my blog….but I find myself, thinking of writing something.

This is my first time donating blood in Thailand and 5th time in total, in my life. I love donating blood to hospital and people who all need. I remember that I started donating blood when I was in 9th grade in Trashi Yangtse MSS. I knew how much it value in life of others if we can do this. “Give Blood, Save Life”. That is not difficult; everyone has potential to do it. Therefore, I decided to donate blood, I went with my Thai friend to fill up the form and after completing the formalities, the staff who work there asked me, where I’m from? “Bhutan”….Ow! King Jigme right??. I was happy that they know my ideal, my father and my source of inspiration.

I sat on the big bus where there is lots of staff working on it. I pray for a while before they inject me, “This blood is donated to help someone who is desperately in need, and let him/ her recover from sickness and benefit out of it”. But after knowing, today is “Zhabdrunkg Kuchoe” I felt very happy, extremely happy that I have done something good in my life. I did all this out of my knowledge but happen to be good. “God never let me down!!!”.


Sogyel Tobgyel said...

there can never be anything as sacred as this.....and on such sacred have truly served the auspicious day..:)

jamyang said...

thanks sogyel

Anu said...

Kindness and generosity will always make a person feel better, but here's an example where it can actually save a life.....:)