Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Surprised call

On 21st May 2011, my phone was ringing in an unusual time, but I did not pay heed to answer the phone as I was lost in my dream. On the night before, I slept very late because I was confined in my room the whole day for giving a final preparation for my exams and to accomplish my project work. The phone rang for several times and finally, I decided to answer the call. Before I could utter the word to say “Tham aria ya Krap” in Thai, what is the problem? She shouted on top of her voice and said in full excitement that YOU KNOW….YOU KNOW…KNOW ….that “Your king Jigme” is soon going to marry and I cannot see him in Thailand any more before he celebrates his wedding”. She was my Thai friend who wanted to share this heart breaking news thinking that I may not have heard this news. I tried to share my feelings of how happily I have had received this news just a day before. I talked with her for some time over the phone. After that I dressed up in best attire and left my room to attend my last exam paper.

20th May 2011 (Friday) is not only a day for opening session of 7th assembly session of Bhutan but also the day where His Majesty the King fulfilled wishes of his people by declaring our future queen Ashi Jetsun Pema. I received this news with full of joy and happiness. I was wordless!!! Like me, all Thai people who captured the heart breaking news of the Royal wedding through Thai National Televisions shared their joy and happiness among themselves. The news was repeatedly published in the Thai news paper.
Bangkok post 1, Thai news paper

Bangkok Post 2, Thai News Paper

Bangkokpost 3, Thai News Papaer

His Majesty the King’s visit to Thailand in 2006 left a very lasting impression in Thai society. And today, our His Majesty is known as King Jigme in Thai society and he is considered PRINCE CHARMING by all the Thai people. All Thai women of varying age group are crazy to our Majesty the king because of “Ro Mak Mak” in Thai, one admirer said which literally means very very handsome and humbleness.

''He has a very graceful manner, so humble, and he always gave a “wai” everywhere he went,'' one admirer said. ''Because of the prince, I believe that from now on the relationship between the Thai and Bhutanese people will be tightened.'' This was how it appeared in the heart of Thai people as printed in Thai news paper.

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