Friday, June 17, 2011

The immense joy I see in the voice of Father

I was attaining an Entrepreneur Marketing Class when the message pops up in my facebook inbox. It was Ms. Tshering Yangzom, my friend in Polytechnic, Dewathang. The message reads ….. ………. ”hi, Sangay gi zamin sing ma”, Sangay have given a birth to baby girl. And Tshering appeared offline.

I try to connect to (Mr. Yoo – father of new born baby girl) cell phone though the network in not clear enough from Thaialnd. I was asking him how he is doing these days and where is he at this moment? He answered me, “Everything is fine and I am in front of hospital”. I was about to ask him what he was doing in front of hospital? But he seems nervous and somewhat lost. So, to his surprised, I congratulate him and his wife for having new born baby girl in their family. I can read out from his voice that he was very happy. May be he don’t remember what I asked through cell phone and me too, can’t really remember how happy he was at that moment.

Bunu, baby sitter of Mr. Yoo, told me once while we were having voice chat that she hopes to have baby girl from Aunt. She was tired of running after “Kaks” son of Mr. Yoo. Is not only her now, The parents were first person wishing and expecting to have baby girl as they already have handsome, solid and big super man called “Kaks”. We as a friend had enough hope to have baby girl. Those wishes were granted by god now at the right time. Never forget to say “Thanks God” for accepting our prayers and granting our wishes.

The prayers are always there for you and your family. We welcome our baby girl in our family. The year is blessed with lots of opportunity and good things. Your Daddy will very soon leave for his long term study. I would never miss out to say “Thanks all mom’s for having being taken lots of pain to make this world harmonies”. We all remember your pain….and we will be remembering. I already started of giving her a very beautiful name now. God bless all of you!!!

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