Friday, May 13, 2011

Take it easy, you can do it.

Save Water, Drink Beer: with our Teacher,Ajarn.Prymania)

This week is last week of my class for this semester and 5 days to seat for the exams. I find myself sitting on my chair doing nothing other than chatting with my old school mates. “You can do it, Take it easy” is favorite sentence for our Multimedia class. Sometimes, we reverse the sentence and use it. This piece of sentence was said by many of the Lecturer and Professors in the beginning of our first semester.

There are many reasons and meaning we make out of it. If you look in to the dictionary, it is simple that even primary students can understand what it means. For multimedia class, we just land up saying this piece sentence to each other when we can’t do our works on time, when ever we face problems. Cao Kun, our Chinese friend always gave me courage when I was studying Physics in the first semester. "Jam, worry not, you can do it, take it easy". I worried a lot that I might get “F” for “Fun! See you next term again”. I was not expecting more than “D” for “barking Dog never bite” in physics. But I could get more than “D dog” that I don’t have to study again."I took it easy, i could do it".

“Take it easy, you can do it” is used when we are proud of our works. If we get “A for Apple in many of the subjects, we just land up drunk in the bar, Bro, we can always do it”. We got to drink, drink and drink…. some of my mates get drunk and can’t ride motor bike and lave our motor bike behind, again “take it easy” we can come tomorrow to pick up. Three people on one motor bike can’t get enough balance because everyone is drunk. My friend at the back…”Jam, you can do it”. Drives back to the apartment.

Our only class mate girl called Mew, (she is Thai) always sees our friend Rinchen talking with girls in the bar in her eyes when she gets drunk. Rinchen is man who can’t face woman without 5 or 6 bottles of beer. She is clever and she keeps her eye on him. “You can do it…Rinchen” and nothing series, “Take it easy” gives courage to Rinchen by our only girl class mates.

“Ajarn, (Teacher in Thai Language), this rose is for you”. Cao Kun presents to our teacher when we drink together. She laughs on top of her voice, “Thank you, how kind you are “. The moment we laugh more and more talk something about personal, and then we are considered to be drunk. Take it easy guys! I ‘m not drunk…but we should know that we have our own share. We try to make our teacher drunk by using the same sentence “You can do it”, and at the same time, when someone try to vomit….”Take it easy, you can do it" in the toilet not in bar!!. When we travel back from bar, if someone try to vomit, then our teacher shout "Guys! you can dot it" but not in my car. "Take it easy. Ajarn". stop when we vomit " we can do it outside". This is something that build up in everyone's mind as good memory.

Get out of bar now; again, let us talk about class works. Taipan, Filipino friend who is lazy always. Whenever he makes his presentation, he asked us to look at this or that page numbers and finally we land up reading together without a power point slides. Sometimes, he just land up without a word to speak to the class, we give courage…”Take it easy, you can do it”.

Exam is very near to me, still “Take it easy, I can do it” No worries at all. When we see our result, if we get good marks then we can always prove that “I took it easy, I could do it”. If not, my friends will still give courages “You can do it, Take it easy”. Aha! My friend is here again……he disturbed me by reading my writing without completing, he want me to go with him to drink. I will stop here now. Tonight, we are going to get drunk, never worry. “Take it easy, we can still do it”

Life is how one makes it out of how it comes….”Take it easy, we can do it”.


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