Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2010.

New Year 2011

The Happy New Year 2011 makes me feel something different from what I was and what I am as of present.
On the 31st December 2010, the New Year eve, I went with my friends to get together with the public and hang around to celebrate the New Year 2011. There were more than 2500 peoples in Central Plaza who were waiting to welcome the New Year 2011 and see of the year 2010. I walked around; the place was very beautiful decorated with different kind lights. Everywhere full of music and concert, People walk in and walk out. Couple hugging, kissing and taking a snap, I took some snap with my friends but really didn’t care what was really.

I enjoyed looking at the show performed by the singer in Thailand. At that moment, I can see the fire going out in the sky from nearby places. When I look at my watch, it was 59 seconds to go 12:00 am. All sponsors on the stage welcome New Year by wishing a happy and prosperous new year to everyone who was present there. The people start counting…57, 56, 55, 54 …….3, 2, 1, 0 :- “HAPPY NEW YEAR “, the mass crowed shout on top of their voice. The firing was started; the sky was very beautiful with the firing lights. Everyone start shouting, I can couples kissing each other, hugging, crying too. Some people cry because they miss their near and dear ones. Some cry because of happiness, some cry because they don’t know what was really happening that time. Then I got blush and became very red. I only realized after seeing this entire thing and make me believed that ‘O this is really New Year now ’, I couldn’t do anything that time. I try to recollect how it was during the entire year 2010. I just know that I had great year. I could perform well in studies, develop relations with lots of people, travel the place I like the most, had achieved all my dreams that I had. And it was really good year for me and I prayed for a while to be blessed this year like same as Year 2010.

Therefore, it is not late to wish every one a Happy new year. May this year bring peace, harmony, security, strength, power, will, determination and all the good things in our life. Happy new year to my all my family, friends, relatives and all the people in this worlds.

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