Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Kuenga Samdrup Tashi

Your Daddy really doesn’t know how you were before and also as of present. I only know the day where I and your mom cherished the day that we gonna have someone who will definitely join with us in our family and adding the numbers to four. We haven’t thought of your gender, your name, your handsomeness, your likes and dislike, your favorites and origin before we have you in this word. Now, it’s the time where yours Mom and Daddy got to cherish the happiness on your 1st year of Birthday. “Happy birthday Kuenga S. Tashi ”.

May be at this time, if you are able to think as of matured man, you wouldn’t consider some one that is close to you is as of your special, means anything, make any sense, have love and care and at the same time I would like to say that “ YOU ARE ALWAYS MOM’s FAVOURITE”. But this is not end of story; we always got to consider two points. I would say that every coin has two sides, with good there is bad, there is no beauty and handsome without ugly, there is no happiness without suffering, etc. “YOU TOO IS MY FAVOURITE”. You are always handsome and cute in my heart, your mummy is always beauty, kind, lovely in my heart as same as of our first date. I love your Mummy for the first time because of some or other reason that I can clearly recollect the day we spent together but it has got more reason to love her at this time for having her in my life and it’s indeed much happier that we have someone in between in our life who gives joy and laughter to our marriage life.

The world knows that I didn’t have time to teach you how to call Mama, Papa. I didn’t have time to make your warm when you are cold, I didn’t have time to make you softer when you cry, I didn’t have time to make you smile when you are in angry, I didn’t have time to play and when you are bored, I didn’t have time to feed you even a single spoon when you are hungry, I didn’t have time to sleep with you when you need someone close to your eyes. It’s your entire mom who did everything for you Kuenga. Your mom taught you how to smile, speak word by word, watched every single step that you take. You have wonderful mom in this world where you can’t pay all this debt at all in your life.

Although I am very far away from you all, can’t kiss and hug you all at this moment, can’t say a single word on your 1st year of Happy Birthday, but you all are always close to my heart and nearer to me. My prayers, wishes are always on you.” Happy Birth Day Kuenga”. I love you so much and missing all of you.

“Your Daddy wishing you on your birthday very far from you but close to my heart”. I love you Kuenga Samdrup Tashi.

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