Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm sorry darling, this week i'm upset plz.

There was no intention to say something bad after all i know that you are undergoing hardship in absence of me. As we all know that nothing would happen without a reason, but then to analyse the reasons of something being happened is difficult until we sit together to talk. There was nothing bad or intention to do all this things to you my darling. I'm very sorry for my mistakes that i fail to take this things. -Jam says.

This week, i feel little bit upset. I would like to say that some teachers are good to be friend but then not good to be my teacher. why he fail to listen to what students speaks. I know, he is good man, social, friendly and inspiring but fail to digest what students said in the class.
Teachers are teachers, students are students bound by words of teachers, have to agree and must follow their own idea. I wonder why don't they fail to accept ideas from students. The moment students say something that is against to teaching.....then the temper arises. ha could one become good teacher in life if they are not ready to accept the students idea and arguments.

No worries friends, take it as a lesson in our life. our life is series of learning. Keep on learning. "But then how good they are at the subjects matter?" This kind of question always disturbed me a lot.

I'm sorry if this writing to hurts some one.

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