Sunday, July 31, 2011

If you can’t hope to change some one, accept to change yourself

(Look at the things that makes you happy)

Once you are born as human being on this earth, you are born with a different looks or shapes (physically) and different way of thinking, dreams and preference (intellectual & emotionally). No one posses same in this field. Everyone has their own principles to grow and live in the society. As they grow, they learn to live in a peaceful and harmonies way in general but for some it is not up to!

Did you ever come across people who have absolutely different principles and thinking from you? In my life, I do. As life goes on living, we will come across a people who think and believe that they are the only one who lives in this society. Everything he does may not be truth and good but it force surrounding to accept with it. But how long the society can accept the truth that was not really a truth of living? How long friends and family can compromise to get along with after all it is not deserved to be? How long we can stop seeing and hearing these people without getting a blind and deaf? The “ego” plays a greater role in shaping our existence. Without the ego, all kinds of man are same kind. And if being yourself means you will end up your life in a cave spectacle all your life because you truly don’t fit in anywhere.

Therefore, the equity, justice and fairness on this earth are just a vision of every one. The one can’t hope to have power and authority to change someone that best fit with you. With the change in time, changes in everything are mandatory. Don’t compare yourself with some one that is different from you rather than just look upon oneself and respect yourself. If you respect others as much as you respect yourself, the things will get compromised, and in due course develop a feelings of likes.

To develop good friendship within a friend, last long relationship with loved one, get recognition and acknowledge from the society, one must possess same kind of character and thinking. If you have many similarities with the people you live with, you are likely to be loved and adored. Your friends will cherish you as his close and best friend. Your loved one will treasure you as something secretes for him/ her that never wanting to go out from their heart. The society will always retain information of you as a good living man. But what is likely to be if the person share similarities in bad characters? Suppose, if a short temper man come across with another same kind in society then it will be complete different story. Will other man challenge against a temper man as he too is tempered because they share similarities? That is not, not at all in my thinking and way I see the things in many society I live in. we should have a man kind, different and entirely opposite that I see in most of our Bhutanese family. One gets anger and shouts on top of their voice to their loved ones but other try not to challenge and everything get compromised within short span of time. When things get back to normal, it is taken as good instance as learned as part of lesson in life.

Therefore, you can’t hope to change everything that you like in your way. One must learn to adapt to respect other as your respect yourself as man in the society. Ego and short temper is big illusion in this spectacle life. Our ego goes up and up in the heaven, down and down to the hell, at the end of the story, who are you? Who are they? What you were before is same as what you are after. Learn to love and live your life peacefully by accepting it as truth, compromise, ignorance and sacrifices.

This world is best place to live in. I love living and never want to die.


kushalashok said...

Nice write up. Deep thoughts

jamyang said...

thanks bro for your good comment. More than my writing, i value comments because i know there are some reader who read my thoughts.