Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Purpose of Blogging

I was reading couple of blogs from the Blogyul Blogging page this afternoon. And to my surprised, all bloggers writes about the hard time they had in their life. Some writes, the true happiness that they have achieved in their life after having completed their studies and so on. Therefore, is all blogger do blogging out of their frustration about the life, had immense joy and happiness in their life, content with everything that they have come across and so on? If that is true, then where does the normal person fall, in which they too had gone through good and bad times in their life?

In Blogyul Blogging Bhutan, there are more than 100 bloggers in the list at present. Every blogger have their own purpose of writing and they keep updating their blog with lots of interesting things in it. If we look at the insight of the blog, many people all around the globe spend some of their time to explore and read all kind of stuff. But how many bloggers keep on blogging to draw some ones attention to their words and sentences. And what is the purpose in front or behind in carrying all this kind of works.

My stuff in this blog is not mean to draw any one’s attention other than to collect it as my own diary or memory in my life. As it is said by our active and passionate blogger Leythro (Leo Parsica) “Life is a journey and in the journey of my life, time is the best teacher I have, yet in times, I lament over time for being too late to teach me the lessons, as vicissitudes confront me in the quest for my destiny”. So, what you have today may not be there tomorrow, how happy you are today may not be there tomorrow. The time is the key that helps us to open any kind of doors in our life. With the change in time, our feelings and thinking, beauty and aesthetics, perception and elaboration, and all get change within a flip of our eyes. Therefore, I started blogging in 2009 after being away from all my loved ones just only to document some of my thoughts that makes me to think different when I start to live in different environment. Its all about documenting thoughts that runs though my mind.

Today, I blog every strange things that happens in and around me that relates to my own life that I see in the vicinity of my own bound. Mr. Sogyel Tobgyel, founder of Blogyul Blogging Bhutan is the one who always inspire me to post something on my blog rather than keeping empty for a months and years. All readers, I will be back with new topic in next post “If you can’t hope to change some one, accept to change yourself and get along”.


Sogyel Tobgyel said...

Well...firstly thank you for being a person i am to you....honestly, i dont have great reasons why i blog, but all that makes me blog is because i enjoy documenting my own thoughts, there can never be anything so easy and yet precious thing that one can find when one walks with a stick in hand...all these things we write here are a part of our life.......keep writing..:)

jamyang said...

Sogyel, thanks for your comment. i will keep on documenting all my thoughts as you have pointed out.