Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I miss my little daughter.

Well, I was told by the Royal University to go to Khon Kaen University Internatonal College to study for four years, On 1st spetember, early in the morning, i have to bid bye to my wife and my Dad but i couln't bid bye to my little daughter, i didn't wake up her thinking that she know i am gonna be away from her and i know how much pain she will have when i depart from her. I was wordless and i couln't say anything to my wife, her eyes filled with tears, her hand resting on my shoulder and looking at the floor. My wife's final words to me, "Are you not going to wake up Lhasel and say that you are going away from her", My heart brust into sorrowness and my eyes filled with tears. i couln't shed my tears infront of my wife because she is soobing looking at my face. My Dady stands by my side without saying a single word. I have to tell them, " Be happy, I am not going for war, i am going for good reasons, don't feel bad and stay what you are right now". With this words i have to leave them away. I felt very sad and bad to be away from my family but lookig at the future that will shape my family life, i have to do it.

My daughter is 2 years and 6 months old. She is very intellegent, she know that i will not have time to be with her in her life as i keep going out form her because of work or some other reasons. Though i am away from her, she is always in my heart.

I know she have good mom to look after her and give love and care, and do what ever she need in her life. And very soon she is going to have her brother or sister. We still hope to have her brother and because of that i am very much worried about my family life though they can manage by themselves in absence of me. Still then my mind keeps on thinking and worrying about them. I call them often in cell phone, My little daughter Lhasel,- When ever i call her, she ask me: hello Dady, How are you? How are you doing in your studies? When you will be back to see me? She ask series of question....i hardly had any word to answer her question.

She was told by her mom that i am away from them for studies, she agrees with that. She wakes up in the middle of the night and cry in looking for me.I often see them in my dreams.

I am thinking of you all day and night. I always have you all in my heart.Mummy, Take care of our little daughter. I know you are a good mom who can do everything for her. I love you and missing you very much.

Selden Sonam Lhasel, here, your dady is missing you very much. when i come back to see you. i will make you to cry and see your real smile face. God bless you all.

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