Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My life in Khon Kaen, Thailand for the first month.

I just want to write something here but nothing comes to my mind at this moment but i will take some time to write what ever it comes to my mind before.

This place is new to me and it seems to be dream land that I had ever dreamt before. My day started looking at many cars and people driving motor cycle. I hardly see people walking on the streets. I just think, people driving motor cycle is same as people in Bhutan using cell phone.

One thing I am still worrying that no body understand my English. Is it that i have a problem in speaking or the people around me have problem in understanding my assent. On the follwing day, I went to the college to seat for the university entrance exam. I was tested in listening, reading, writing and finally in speaking. I got through that exam and approved me to study in International College in english program.

In the College, Hi, hello and sawade khrap, waing hands to each other is common. there are many students from all over the world.And it is good to have many friends from different region, cultural background etc. in my life.

The first day class started, It was Mr. Andre from Denmark teaching us History of Arts and Design. He speaks good english but i had problem in understanding the subject's content. But then i am happy that he is good teacher that i have come across in my student life.

Another class started, Mr.James, he taught us english. He was an engslih man, he is from US and he speaks very slowly. I thought that is his style of speaking. I am bit worried that he is going to lazy man as he talk very slowly in the class but it is not as i realise later on. There are many thai students who doesn't undersatnd english. to make them undersatnd and able to follow him, he does that.

Very interesting class began which i don't like at all looking at the name of the subject. "hello Guys! I’m Scout from US". His head is wraped with hangker chief and waering a baggy pents. His shirt is too big for him. His shoes is bigger than his leg size. He said to the class, "I will teach you mathematics and what you know about it." He speaks alot and i hardly understand his words. I asked Rinchen, my friend from Bhutan. He too don't undersatnd anything what our teacher was taklking about. I just thougt that he is singing HIP HOP songs. Still then i have a hope that i will be able to undersatdn what he speak in days to come.

Wow! Very bad, our MHEMATICS class started, Teacher said, 2+2= 4, right? Yes, we answered. Next question, what is 2? We answered, 2 is number, OK, What is number? …question after question. And I’m again lost. Ya! We started our class with lots of question and discussion. We got to lots of home work to do, sometimes i feel very bad, we couldn’t answer to any of his question. Then teacher shouted on top of his voice, common Guys!.......common class! Teacher waits untill we give answer to question, waiting for answer from us and session ends. How bad we are here to study. This is what i still think.

Another Teacher from physic department, Right after intorducing session, what you all know about physics. Life without physics is not possible, You all know what is density? What is two dimensional, three dimensional? And many question.

Another new session started. Aesthetics for life what is life? What is beauty? “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”, Justify this statement. And i know now what my life will be.

From My friends
My friends, hi Jam, hello Jammy, hi Jam Jam, hello Tashi, Hello Bhutan. ha ha.. O I have thousand and one name now. My friends, they have difficult in calling out my names as I do to them. I Love every name they call me. I am friendly to Chinese friend. I go with them for meals.i hang around with Thai friends on week ends. I go with American friends to talk. I go party on weekends with friends from Thai and some Chinese. What is life? Life is what I do. If am mistaken, life is not what I do….life is what comes before what I think and before I do something, right? No no, Then forget….i cannot say anything about life. Take it easy! Face the challenges with courage, that’s all man my dear friends.

The food that i see every where have lots of sugar. I have not seen single food without containing a sugar. The rice that i they serve is not enough and i have to eat "pesay" to make myself ready for my works.

I write this articles for myself how i started my day in Khon Kaen. It will be bitter experence with sweet memories.


Kinley Wangdi said...

Hello Barbie!! its a wonderful article .... u r on top of the world!!! Great!!!

jamyang said...

thanks Kinley, i didn't think off that you will have time to read my blogs. I have written several articles here...May be you will have fun...just go through.