Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My prayers to GOD.

Thanks God for where i am and what i am today. Without your help and support, i would have no where....It's you who made me up to come this stage. I was born from my mom, my parents taught me how to speak, walk, drink, eat etc. There after, my parents sent me to school to study, goverment sent me to study in different places with different people, But it's you who always there with me un seen by me and others. Nothing would have learned without your help and support. Nothing would have been achieved without your prayers. Thanks god. Thank you.

Yes, my life is full of up and down, out of many difficulties, you took me out of that. You blessed me every time...and you watched every step that i take.You are so amazing that i have not seen you in reality but you always accompany me in doing my things. What ever i have achieved so far.....that was all your wishes and luck that favoured to me.

I still believe, pray and have a faith in you. You are my lord, you are my parents, you are my friends, you are my teachers,and you are my everyting.I don't know in what ways i can express your goodness and in what ways i can do good to this world, just forget doing good to you though you don't expect anything out of any one. Just pray for self, and all animals well being in this universe.

Thank you GOD! There is no espeacial words to express for you. You know more than i write here and more than i think. You know more than anything in this world. Please guide me in doing good things on right time and right manner. Thank you my GOD!

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