Monday, July 18, 2011

Everything gets change within a flip of our eyes.

Nothing stays ideal or permanent in our lives. The best friend of today becomes great and greater enemy of tomorrow, the best food we had last night gives great sickness and suffering today. The best couple of the year becomes an enemy of the year followed. Nothing exists as it is.

How sweet and lovely it would be if the happiness persists continuously. We as human being, have always bias on the things that we do or our friends do. If the things that have some knowledge of it or closer to your heart, your concentration are diverted to that, we don’t care how bad it is in days to come. We always try to pull on our side by means of “my favorite, my friends, my best of the best and so on”. But will this kind of thinking stays forever? Will this kind of action prolonged? Will somebody need to believe in it for long time? Life has to go on and we got to make our own living. Even our dearer and nearer Dad and Mom separate us from their side when we are three or four years. Similar to that, things keep on changing and we have to always get ready and be prepared to accept the changes.

In our lives, every action or any action is caused because of the reasons. Without the reasons, there won’t be anything exists in this world. But these reasons differ with the situation and circumstances. The principle in general, never jump out of you tracks for some silly action, that silly action may be caused because of very big reasons. Without the reasons, there won’t be cause and effects. Everything gets change within a flip of our eyes. We need to change; we need to change for good things only. If we can’t change the things in society, we have an ability to change the things in family. Family is best place to start your love and harmony, make sacrifices to your loved ones, and compromise the things that have to go together and so on. But if still not in position to change in one’s family then it is high time for us to change “one self”.

Love is to love unconditionally by the simple definition I am making out from my mind. If loves conditioned by something that you expect some return, then things are all going to be opposite. Drastic changes is going to happen there, that's of not good reason. Live up to one’s life, this world is best place to live in if the one is able to cope up with the changes. I am writing this things in my blog not out of my compulsion or not to hurt anyone else. Nor this is not from any of the books I have read or come across in any sources; this is purely on my random thinking that I wanted to put it in my blog to share with my friends. Okai, “Go ahead with changes, but changes for good reasons”. Soon I will be writing about another thought “Words are stronger than action” This will be coming topic that I will write very soon.

Thanks for reading. Can you as reader smile a bit so that I can feel your smile too :)


Anu said...

:) feels like you have written this article with love towards someone ( I am just guessing ). I loved how you have started it, indeed in the course of life changes are mandatory but we should see , the change is good or bad...keep posting :)

jamyang said...

Thanks my frn Anu, it is nothing other than my random thoughts that strikes me sometimes. I have loved some one already and still loving, and this post in nothing related to my lover or love that comes out at this, thanks for your guess.

Tshering Pem said...

Hijam,its nice to know ur

blogger too.keep writing