Sunday, July 10, 2011

Random thoughts at this moment.

If you happen to make an excuses or apology to your mates for not being able to cope up or fail to do what you are supposed to do or what you have promised to be, then the polite words “sorry or apology” comes to your lips. You would definitely look polite and responsible person in the eyes of your mates if you can beg your pardon. But I feel that the apology should be from depth of one's heart. Never and ever speak out this words if it is not meant from your heart and never do it for the sake of doing.

Smile is always good and it doesn’t cost anything. But smile what we have within. If we try making a new and fake smile, then it is going to look like a crocodile smile and people will not buy that at any cost. When we smile, we have to smile like how we smile to things that we love and admire the most. We don’t have to have good complexion or dimples to draw some one’s attention. Just smile what we have within ourselves. It looks far more beautiful than just being dam fool person.

Life isn’t something that what we have with us. There is a series of unexpected and unknown things that will happen without any sign of warning or notification. Night dreams are sometimes more sweeter than the real day life. We come across a most beautiful thing that we have not seen in reality with our own eyes gives an immense pleasure and moment.

This are random thought that I would like to write it down but moment I type few words, I changed my mind and all my thoughts no longer exist in my brain. As of this, Life is not paused at one stop, it has to go on with a new things. Life is really a messed up but still who wishes not to live. I love my life and don't say don't live your life.

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Anu said...

:) Nice post Tashi....Whatever we do should be genuine :)